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A dry-heat oven cooking method used for cooking larger cuts of beef. No liquid is added or cover used. Used for more tender cuts.


Just because a cut of meat has “roast” in the name does not necessarily mean that roasting is an appropriate cooking method. More tender cuts are best used for this cooking method such as Rib roast, Ribeye roast, Tenderloin, Tri-Tip roast, Sirloin roast and Rump roast.

For less tender cuts such as Chuck roast, Chuck-Eye roast, Eye of Round roast, Top Round roast, or Pot roast refer to the Braising section.


  1. Season beef with herbs and spices or a commercially-prepared rub.
  2. Place roast, fat side up, on a rack in a shallow roasting pan.
  3. Insert an oven-proof meat thermometer into the center of thickest part of roast, being sure to not touch bone or fat.
  4. Do not add water, do not cover.
  5. Roast meat to 5 to 10 degrees below desired doneness. About 135 degrees for medium rare. Temperature will continue to rise to desired doneness.
  6. Cover roast with a foil tent and allow resting for 15 to 20 minutes before slicing or serving. It will be easier to carve and the juices will redistribute.


Roast to desired doneness by removing roast from oven when an oven dial or instant-read meat thermometer inserted in the center of the thickest part of roast reads 5 to 10° below final doneness temperature.


Degree of Doneness Remove roast from oven when meat temperature reaches:  Final roast temperature after 10 to 15 min. standing time:  
Med-Rare  135° F 145° F
Medium 150° F 160° F
Well Done 160° F 170° F



    Beef Cut    Weight   Oven Temp.   Approx. Cooking Time     
    Standing Rib Roast   4 to 6 lbs.   325° F   26 to 30 minutes/lb.    
    Standing Rib Roast   6 to 8 lbs.   325° F   23 to 25 minutes/lb.    
    Standing Rib Roast   8 to 10 lbs.   325° F   19 to 21 minutes/lb.    
    Ribeye Roast, boneless   3 to 4 lbs.   350° F   23 to 30 minutes/lb.    
    Ribeye Roast, boneless   4 to 6 lbs.   350° F   18 to 20 minutes/lb.    
    Ribeye Roast, boneless   8 to 10 lbs.   350° F   13 to 15 minutes/lb.    
    Round Tip Roast   2½ to 4 lbs.   325° F   30 to 35 minutes/lb.    
    Round Tip Roast    4 to 6 lbs.   350° F   18 to 20 minutes/lb.    
    Round Tip Roast    8 to 10 lbs.   325° F   18 to 22 minutes/lb.    
    Tenderloin Roast   2 to 3 lbs.   425° F   35 to 40 minutes total time    
    Tenderloin Roast   4 to 6 lbs.   425° F   45 to 60 minutes total time    
    Top Loin   4 to 6 lbs.   325° F   17 to 21 minutes/lb.    
    Strip Loin Roast    6 to 8 lbs.   325° F   14 to 17 minutes/lb.    
    Top Sirloin Roast   2 to 4 lbs.   350° F   16 to 20 minutes/lb.    
    Top Round Roast   2½ to 4 lbs.   325° F   25 to 30 minutes/lb.    
    Top Round Roast   4 to 6 lbs.   325° F   17 to 19 minutes/lb.    
    Top Round Roast   6 to 10 lbs.   325° F   17 to 19 minutes/lb.    
    Tri-Tip Roast   1½ to 2 lbs.   425° F   30 to 40 minutes total time    
    Eye Round Roast   2 to 3 lbs.   325° F   1½ to 1¾ hrs. total time    


  • Be sure to check your roast with a meat thermometer.
  • If your roasting pan is too deep, your roast may not brown properly.
  • Attempting to carve your roast without allowing it to rest will cause significant loss of juices.
  • A pan gravy can be made with the drippings after removing your roast from the pan.

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